In the desert, a strange man is unearthed from an excavation deep in the sand. But this man is not dead, he’s very much alive.
He ventures to the Blue Mountains, determined to investigate another team’s excavation, inside which he claims there is something not belonging to Earth. But soon after arriving and unearthing an unusual light, the strange man disappears.
Thirty years later the same man walks the streets and seems intent on a mission. Along this path he meets Harrison, a kid who’s on his own journey to uncover a secret facility called Destiny. A place that can change the very fabric of life, where they control the thread, a digitalized version of human life that is completely manipulatable.
How do you control destiny when someone else pulls the strings?
To look deep within oneself, to know the true origins, is the only way out.
Recalling Destiny, the debut novel by Michael R. Blinkhoff.